Review by Ramonda Jones on Renee Parker

I met the other 90% of my brain! The fog lifted, the energy returned and this is the only product that is proven, like proven, to lower cellular stress, (aka increase longevity). Who doesn't want some of that? Proof for me was in my own legit improved bloodwork and the fact that I feel like myself again. Ms. Renee Parker introduced me to the products. Later she asked if I'd like to know how to share them and earn income. This site (BFH) proved that LifeVantage is waaaay above average in taking care of distributors so it was kinda a no brainer. Her support is stellar! Her heart is HUGE and her knowledge helped me get to making $500 a month in about 90 days. I don't know if I'll be making $1000 a month (my goal) very soon, but the paycheck keeps going up every month. Just an awesome business that I am glad I said yes to.

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