Review by Ravi dutt on LiveGood

World class product usa baesd subcrition model netwrking loke a amazone
Keep in mind Livegood is not a INVESTMENT plan or Ponzi scheem

Its a subcription base mogel plan its gives you a apportunity to earn passive income

It’s simply a e-commerce company same like Amazon netflix spoty

So to get attention from public stop spreading wrong business plan

Their is pure words about to make 2000$/month without any work

Only two direct sponser give you $4000 monthly

It depends on your efforts or your upline or downline efforts who come s in your matrix.

Every two minnuts 3 people are joind live good where you sleep come on guys do fast take your top position in my team plus our group is very fast in world.

How much work you does

Monthly income $2047 business cost $10 monthly. No referal no buy any product. Big business apportunity.
Plan prassentation hindi
Teke free registration link
Join more info whats group
Check your possiblaties
Take a top possitiin in my team . huge compan sesstion plan off income

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