Review by Rayma Layden on Greg & Lori Ferraro

Greg and Lori are as authentic as this article portrays them to be! When they say that they build a team for depth, they mean it and they care about their entire team. I am so glad to be a part of this company, Vasayo, and to have team leadership, in Lori and Greg that is so aligned for me.
Each time I hear the story of their humble beginnings and see what they have achieved with complete integrity, it makes me inspired, knowing that with hard work, this is achievable for each person on the team. Great leadership builds great teams! Greg and Lori never pretend success will happen without putting in the effort or make false promises. They inspire me and the rest of the team to rise to the occasion when they promise to lock arms with us to achieve our goals as modest or delightfully outrageous as those goals may be.

Great teams are built by and attract to them people who have integrity and authenticity so I thank you for not compromising this!

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