Review by Rebeckah Wilhelmina Villa-Lopez on Blaine Williams

Coach Blaine Williams is a Top Notch Leader, Trainer…Detailed in every manner, Forty plus years experience in the network marketing industry, Coach was able too retire years ago…Coach came out of retirement to Pursue MPG XTREME as one of the Leaders… Being the kindhearted individual that he is he wanted too continue too change life’s of others for the better,

The Knowledge and XTREME EXPERIENCE Coach Blaine brings too MPG XTREME is 100% Top Notch Quality,

Coach Blaine’s teaching is “Everyone Matters” from the Niegbor next door to the networker of 30 years! He”s knowledgeable in every aspect from how to get started to maintaining your momentum for your team, From detailed zoom trainings to 3 way calls to 1000 plus attendees on the zoom. Coach Blaine always speaks of others with dignity and integrity, which is so needed in the field these days,

Here’s too 30 more years Coach Blaine. We”re not going too let you retire!

Rebeckah Wilhelmina

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