Review by Reghioua Bouzid on Kuvera Global

3 weeks ago I wasn't sure what I'm going to do with my life, I was at a very big crossroad. I heard before of Network Marketing and I did join some companies but it was a loss of time, it was so hard to convince someone to join you, caz you in the first place are not convinced by their services and products. But I heard of Kuvera lately and at first I didn't want to join or even to know more about it, but I always have seen Coach Amir Boucetta's posts and stories sharing his profits and his achievements from this company, I was like, what if this is different? What if this is good for me and I can do it? The Coach explained how powerful the company is and how much you can earn in a very short time, I was so satisfied and convinced for the first time in a Network Marketing company. I'm still a beginner, but I feel like I can succeed here and change my life, and be a Game Changer. I'm so grateful for the company and the opportunity that it gave us. WE DIDN'T START YET!

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