Review by Regine Branzuela on Billy Dela Fuente

What I admire the most with Mentor Billy is him being a great leader not just in our organization but to his family as well. He professionalized network marketing in the Philippines. He built our team and the system that we work on. I’m very thankful that out of those thousands of people, I’m one of those 8 mentees that he has chosen. He has been mentoring us directly on how he does the business and his mindset as a top income earner. I am also blessed to have a mentor who puts his heart and soul just to help the people in his organization and is generous with his knowledge and everything that he got from the business. He is also an inspirational leader and will teach you how to do networking correctly. He is a leader who will compliment you if you do good and will correct you if you commit mistakes. Thus, stretching you to reach your full potential. May God continue to bless you mentor Billy so that you can still inspire and transform many Filipino lives. Long live!

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