Review by Rephael Rechitzky on Zija International

My experience with the company was in decline for a while now. While in the past, the company provided stable opportunity with food products and support, including a good group of people leading the company into a good future, I slowly found that the company owner did not show much interest in the company. My impression is that he is more interested in his personal financial benefits, getting aged and tired of working. That attitude resulted in loosing good people, such as Dr. Plant and more. My impression is that the founder could sell the company, as he has already done so twice in the past.
I also see a big decline in the company's front desk service, where the customer is not the most important person anymore. Some of their people are rude and very unpleasant.
The products are not as good anymore. The craziness of going after the CBD market, rather than a good solid line of products bothered me too and the prices are quite expensive. I left the company and I don't recommend it to anyone who wants to built a good solid business. The are many opportunities out there to choose from. Be smart!

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