Review by Reply to Banko Burja on Lyconet

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with Lyconet since 2008. It's great to hear that the company has been a reliable partner for you over the years, and I appreciate your perspective.

However, my personal experience has been different, and I feel it is essential to express my concerns. I understand that success in any business requires hard work, and I acknowledge that ups and downs are inevitable. That being said, my primary concern with Lyconet is the repeated focus on upselling without delivering tangible results, along with their failure to fulfill promises.

Regarding the disappearance of top presidents and leaders, it's concerning to see them move on to other opportunities. This raises questions about Lyconet's ability to retain its most successful members and the company's overall stability.

While I respect your opinion and success with Lyconet, I believe it is crucial for potential members to hear different perspectives to make informed decisions. I wish you continued success in your journey with Lyconet, and I hope the company addresses the concerns that have been raised.

Best regards.

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