Review by Robert Plant on MOBE (My Own Business Education)

While MOBE is not exactly Multi Level, there is a a brilliant commission system from 1 level below us…we are best described as franchisees or affiliates…just like a real estate agency. To me this is the best model yet. Even in my 1st week of operation I made more than months of other direct systems. The high commission business model just gets better and better as time goes on making other passive income models look very active. The owner, staff and all the coaches are no bull, humble folks. The $49 Online marketing course with level 1 & 2 coaches and personal development content is such great value it’s rediculous and life changing. Everybody should be doing the course just for health to business connection!! will show you!! I now travel the world continuously and only need my little laptop. All training is done for you and all the ‘selling’ is done too…it’s just Internet marketing business and investment information and the corporate offices do the conversion from lead to sale. Truly global too guys. Without exaggeration, this is a network marketers dream. My advise…do the $49, 21 step course and after that decide for yourself. 5 stars folks!!

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