Review by Robin Markhus on David Erazo & Marie Södergren

David and Marie has truly change my life. Being kinda lost, unsure about my direction to now have a clear direction and goals for my life. I know I would be doing trading, but not sure about what strategies, directions, or what kind of teaching / mentor I could get. I came in contact with David and him and Marie took me into their great community family. They showed me the way and has been by my side since then. I’ve leaned a lot about myself, trading, economy, and spirituality by the knowledge and value they have shared.
I am truly amazed about what they have created, and I thank them for being able to be a part of this. I feel truly blessed and so can you!

I will highly recommend you to come in contact with them🩵

Thank you so much David and Marie, i love you guys

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