Review by Robina on iGenius

I have been using this education platform since august 2023. I am very happy that I made this decision to start educating myself here, because this information is not found anywhere except here in the platform. Experts here are great, they know how to teach. It is really easy to understand educational videos as well and they are very helpful. What is best that you can learn about trading and investing in a lot of different languages. I’m from small country Latvia, and there are videos in Latvian language too. Also you can find live sessions in latvian language as well. I really recommend you to try this platform if you are interested in trading and investing, because this is a wonderful opportunity for you to educate yourself. The best part about this platform is university where you can watch a lot of videos 3 to 30 minutes long and learn in a different level. You can start with a beginner or basic level and then move on to next level which is advanced to learn more deeply.

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