Review by Roderick & Jennifer Houston on Jonathan Green

Mr. Johnathan Green, is an extrodinary leader with vision, with a plan and a detailed blueprint for execution. One thing that is #1 priority to me in this industry is leadership and Mr. Johnathan Greens documented track record aligns him with the best of the best in this industry and space.

Mr. Johnathan Green is one of the main assets that has made this new journey that we are embarking upon possible. Mr. Johnathan Green is an extrodinary trainer that leads from the front with compassion and integrity. I am truly greatful to be partnered with a selfless leader that puts people before profit.

I am yet to meet someone in this industry with such a unique work ethic, vision and the ability to scale the potential of a opportunity like Mr. Johnathan Green. If you are looking for an extrodinary accountability partner, visionary, wealth forecaster and coach, Mr. Johnathan Green is the "MAN" for the job. Thank you Mr. Johnathan Green for all that you do to lead people effectively with results.

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