Review by Roelof Heijs (PGI Quebec) on PGI Global

I've started to invest with PGI, March 28. Nowadays (october 27 2020) I have for $25.000,- invested with a team of +50 people and this gets me a very good income. All I can say, what are you waiting for? It doesnt get any better then this.
As with all crypto companies. Building up something takes time and there is no such thing as getting rich quickly. I am almost 8 months in PGI now and finally have the income I want. But ofcourse I wont stop here.. my aim is to earn enough so I can help others, financially. Helping them by giving them money, helping them to build a sustainable life etc. As you may know, 1$ US is a nice amount for someone in a third world country. So giving a way a bit of your wealth is the right thing to do, in my opinion.

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