Review by Roger Garth on IM Mastery Academy

I joined IM Academy in August 2019, having spent two years in another company working in the same space, forex and crypto education. It didn't take me long to learn that I had a whole lot of learning to do…

IM was iMarkets Live when I joined, and shortly after it became IM Academy, the reason is simple – it's because IM focuses on education, on teaching you a skill. Just over a year in I know so much that it actually scares me to realise how little I'd learned in my previous two years.

The culture within the company is outstanding, and when individuals like Bob Proctor proudly link their name to a company, you know that you are somewhere where you can trust what you are told. Guidance from corporate isn't just restricted to technical and legal guidance, but also very much on ethical business practices too – IM is very aware of being compliant with legislation not just because they are compelled to, but because it's the right thing to do.

As with many other companies, you also make friendships because you're associating with like-minded people, but you also learn a skill that you keep forever.

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