Review by Rohit Madiwale on iX Global

Ix global has changed my life. Its financial services are superb. There is no other option like ix global. I have just started ix global before 2 month but the result of this its fabulous. I would like to recommend this ix global app to every person who is in contact with me
Very good company and compensation plan.. Also having a good training system by great leaders… People who are looking for a second source of income.. They should join this company.. Really great life-changing plan.. Thank you Mr. Viraj Patil for launching this in India..
The automations are simple, easy to set up. The app is full of info on the company and also lots of training. You will never get through it all. Joe and the team are always updating.

Then you have all the manual trading. About 12 manual traders which I have also taken advantage of.

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