Review by rohit mali on Atomy

I LOVE ATOMY ALL PRODUCTS i used more then 25 products
i get hair fall solution and pimple solutions my team work in globally
i'm from india
this is my first direct selling company i love atomy i have no words for explain

Commissions. Atomy offers a binary compensation plan (Multi-level Marketing) with unlimited levels. Generated personal volume continually accumulates and never gets taken away from. Atomy members are eligible to receive 44 percent commissions on their entire sales personal volume generated weekly. Once individuals have accumulated at least 10,000 PV, they are eligible to start receiving commissions on the personal volume of recruited team members. Members can also receive a 2 percent multi-matching bonus and a 20 percent matching bonus. Atomy claims to be the number one company for highest amounts of incentives paid.

Rewards and Incentives. Atomy offers its distributors multiple ways to achieve various promotions, rewards, and incentives. These financial perks and incentives include travel tickets, car rentals, studio apartment rentals, laptop computers, and paid assistant salaries. Atomy is one of the few companies to offer these types of perks and incentives.

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