Review by Roland Broersen on Jifu

I been involved with Jifu from the early start. I’m one of the founding Affiliates. I just use the benefits of Jifu to travel and explore the world at the lowest possible costs. Not only hotels, but also flights, rental cars and all kind activities. I’m also not promoting or recruiting at all; I’m just sharing my experience. By doing so I’ve built a serious group of mind liked people, who are just expanding their mind by traveling, meeting new people, and enjoy life.

Is this for everybody? No, If you are not adventurous, if you only follow the paved roads, don’t come to Jifu. It you don’t like to explore new horizons, don’t come to Jifu.

However, if you like to travel, If you like a challenge and seeing new things, Jifu is the place to go. Travel the world and earn some money. Jifu has proven that this is possible. You can also do it completely by yourself or in a group with mind-like persons.

For the serious Affiliates your membership includes a free one week holiday at a 5 start location at your choice. Interested check it yourself at

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