Review by Rose Juliana on APL GO

On the 24th of Dec 2020, I had a very bad fall and the pain was excruciating as well. Until the 7 of Jan 2021 it was still persistent even though it did not get any more worse. I had trouble sleeping especially on my right side where the fall was. I had 5 drops of STP along the course of the evening and night and amazingly I could for the first time since the fall turn to my right and fall asleep. Within 3 days the pain had gone down to a 2/10 from 10/10. Within 5 days it was totally gone.

Great Company. Good Marketing Plan. Powerful products which is the First Anion Drops in the world. Wonderful taste. Immediate gratification results. Stress free and live a happy life. I would like to reach more and more people to achieve the same on health and wealth. Thank you APL GO!!!.

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