Review by Rron Ameti on Lyconet

I always wanted to change the environment I live in,but I didn't find out how.
And suddenly Lyconet appears by my father's mouth,and I wanna thank my father for giving me this information and because this platform inspired me to be mentally disciplined,something that I missed apart from my physical discipline that I have.
It's not about how much you make,but what kind of person you will become.
When I found out about this,finally got a real challenge,this time is life changing.
Now I wanna be recognized by my friends and family who are in big mental difficulties that this will really help them.
I'm enjoying the process at the moment and being inspired by the people who achieve the prizes from the owners and I wanna be a big part of them.
I wanna say thanks to the owners that came to the idea which actually is working

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