Review by Ruba zaitoon on Success Factory

شركه متميزة ونزيهة ولديها رؤية واضحه في البدايه عندما اشتركت كنت متخوفه لكن بعد التجربه تزداد الشركه مصداقيتها يوما بعد يوم A wonderful company with high credibility, I work in it for more than a year and I am very happy that I participate in it, I hope to see the company develop and grow day after day, and this is really what we see these days despite the difficulties and obstacles that such companies face in recent times due to the Corona virus, but The company continued to achieve successes
Thank you for the person who guided me to this company, Mr. Abdo Fairouz, and thank you to all the leaders who did not spare us with encouragement and information. Thank you for the support team, and of course thanks to the wonderful founders of the company. Live long Success Factory

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