Review by Rubina Khanom on IM Mastery Academy

Ever since I have joined the company I have received nothing but love and support
I am more determined and certain of achieving my reason why
I am happy and grateful everyday my attitude has completely changed and it’s really helped with my mental health
The leaders lead with love and genuinely focus on the greater good for impacting lives
We don’t look to compete but we look to empower enrich and educate
I am forever grateful to my mentor Saimah max and the company for everything they have done and I love using the service the go live and Delorean product is absolutely amazing it allows me to place trades and in the morning and then carry on with the rest of my day
The additional mentorship calls we get really help with mindset
And above all it’s just so much fun we have such a great culture here it’s literally like family there’s no bad blood no competition just empowering and helping everyone
Everyone is so transparent and that really helped make my decision and my friends of joining this company so much easier

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