Review by Ruedi Aschwanden on ShopWithMe

Me, Ruedi Aschwanden, I am 72 years old and started Shopwithme because I lost almost my entire fortune through a bad investment. So what now, give up or fight? Shopwithme was introduced to me and I immediately understood that this is a unique opportunity to be part of a company from the very beginning and to regain financial independence. And it really is! Put the pedal to the metal once again and things are going well. In addition, it is fun to see how the company is growing rapidly and how you can contribute to it yourself, as well as how you can shape your own career again. A brilliant company that will make it to the top of the world, and I can be one of the founders! My goal is still to achieve a lot and to be at the top.
Thank you Christian for offering us this unique opportunity

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