Review by Ruth Mayne on APL GO

WOW! These products work! & FAST! I don't have to bend the truth in order to sell them. I saw results right away with inflammation and joint issues. I was in far less pain from arthritis, I was able to walk without falling or using my cane. my balance improved 100%.
Where else can you get products with over 30 certifications, 8 have published research papers, that work instantly in many cases, 100% absorbed and taste like candy!! The answer is, ONLY AT APLGO!
As to the ability to make $$,, their pv to $ ratio, unlike other companies is 80% to the $!!!
There are so many other great things about the company.
People I know, use an average of 6 different ones per month!
Its nice to have products that work, comp plan that is lucrative and fair, and not have to chase and beg people to purchase monthly! Thank you APL and Sergey for this wonderful opportunity!

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