Review by Ruth Mayne on APL GO

Sergei has, in my opinion the utopia of product & comp plan.
Products that don't need to be defended, there is nothing else like them
the ingredients have thousands of peer reviewed results .
Certified Kosher, Halal, (beyond organic) NON GMO, VEGAN, no artificial flavor/color/sweeteners. It does not get much cleaner than that!
the products work quickly for lots of occasional ailments. I use several of them daily!
They taste incredible! anyone can take them as you do not need to worry about swallowing large pills, or mixing up anything. you simply POP A DROP into your mouth and suck it till its gone! ITS THAT SIMPLE!
The compensation plan is nothing short of amazing! ANYONE can partake at the top levels % wise, it will make your jaw drop!
I highly suggest this company from both a product & comp plan perspective! and am happy to share more info with anyone who wishes!

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