Review by Ryan Raton on Wealth Generators (Kuvera)

Products don’t Perform. During my 7 months at the company the accelerator went negative 50% and they had to shut down the Simplifier2.0 because of its performance. The multiplier, while never having a negative day, did not turn a profit over the six months due to the massive overhanging drawdown. I heard the FxOne did well but I never tried it so I cannot attest to that. There is a lot of hype once you are a part of it and it is awesome. It really helped me grow as a person and get out of my comfort zone. I learned a lot of skills I wouldn’t have learned otherwise and met some amazing people along the way who really cared.
The people who do this really enjoy and care about what they do but I do NOT recommend you use the products. From my own personal experience the employees at customer service will lie about the 3x money back guarantee and the qualifications that are required. I actually renewed my membership for another month because they told me I needed to to get the 3x Guarantee. Shady business practices and a lack of knowledge made me leave. 🙁

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