Review by Rylie Honeker on Connie Steves

Connié Steve's has been a huge help in finding me products to try out and heal me. She has listened and explored options that would best suit me and my situation. I'm comfortable sharing any and all health issues that I have acquired over the years with her knowing in full confidence she's going to do her best to help. She's been paitient and always checks up on me making sure I'm doing good. We had some trial and error in trying to find the products that best suit me. But she was determined to work towards finding the proper products. What we have found is some great stuff that I'm loving so far. While I haven't been on them for very long, I am confident that they are and will continue to do the job and right.
I also hope to come in for some other treatments in the future as she has set up a lovely shop. Hopefully I can pop in soon as she's always a good visit!
I'm fortunate to have met and become good friends with Connié and look forward to continuing this journey with her.

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