Review by Saef on Nourhan Aqel

she's a scam and I'm 100% sure of this no one trust her. No one do anything business with her she's just a big fake person don't don't don't. first of all, she tell you go to the app and transfer money to my company so we can start work together and this company does not exist and secondly, all the options she use for trading is fake and you can read all the reviews on them they're fake and they're one of the start of the money they could be taken away from them. I believe she work in a big organization has come to people so no one trust her please she will take your money she started acting professional with you, but she just took the money away and everything she use is completely scammed so don't trust. All the accounts that she has on Facebook and Instagram and on TikTok it's all completely fake. That's why you should not trust her. This is just a trap to bring people so she can see all the money.

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