Review by Salem Ali on مسفر الوادعي

I vote for him because he is the best and the most honest.
It is unfair for the vote to go to someone else.
In all objectivity, it is characterized by culture, ease of presentation and clarity of the idea.
It is also characterized by effective communication and the development of one team spirit, taking into account the differences between members, but without prejudice to anyone.
It is also characterized by the most important feature of the leader, which is patience, ambition, perseverance, clarity of vision and flexibility Humility, lack of arrogance, soft side and simplicity in dealing, which makes it more influential, whether on the members of his team or on anyone outside the circle of the group, and this makes his words have a magical effect on the recipient. So I strongly appeal and invite everyone to vote for Mr. Misfer and wish him success

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