Review by Salma Sanad on Shadi Alzawyani

I extend my warmest congratulations and blessings to the founder of our team, Dynamos Team, Mr. Shady Al-Zwayany,the honorable man from whom we learned the meaning of patience, perseverance, And persistence to reach the goal, and stand with all team members to achieve their goals.
And he is a very humble man . diligent in making strong leaders, and he was keen on self-development among the members, and this contributed to strengthening their self-confidence and their ability to overcome obstacles and focus on reaching goals no matter what. The road was bumpy. He was very kind, generous, brave, intelligent, persistent, and a genius in solving problems. His love for his team was evident in his concern for them and his standing beside everyone.
I am very proud of being one of the Dynamos Team family led by the most luxurious man, Mr. Shady who influenced me personally to overcome and endure many obstacles that I faced, and became one of my inspirations in life, l have the honor of dealing with him and have known this distinguished man.

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