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The most deceptive person ever.
It's no wonder she's at the top. She will lie and manipulate anyone she wants to step on and use to get to the top. Do not trust her. Her weightloss isn't even from these fake products. She tells her team to "fake it till you make it" trying to talk then into lying about their success from the company. Such as: saying you got your house or car or whatever from working your Arieyl business when that's a lie. She talks about not allowing "mean girl" behavior when that's all it is. The entire top distributor click will never accept you. They will just use you until you aren't padding their pockets anymore. Also beware! If you join. Are extremely successful. Then decide to leave for whatever reason they will come after you with lawyers and shameful videos to keep you quiet because they can't handle bad publicity. Negative stars.

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