IGENIUS! Truly the future of the world ! I’ve been a happy distributor and CUSTOMER of this company for 6 weeks now and I have never experienced a better system,company,product line,comp plan nor MENTORSHIP in any other business from home company!NOTHING but value, transparency, and longevity in this Company!Not only does our mother company INVESTVIEW have a A+ Rating on the BBB but the relationships we have thus far with company’s such as, WANDERLUST,NDAU,COINZOOM,have provided me and my team with such financial literacy it’s truly amazing!16 streams of income with an university so detailed and structured, anyone who has access to it will be setup for life!We are truly the flagship of investing,trading,financial freedom,and taking control of our futures right from HOME!DIRECT ACCESS to MULTI-Mentors like ANTHONY NAPOLITANO,RAKAN KHALIFA ,MIKE JAMISON,KAINE HARRIOTT just to name a FEW!They mentor me and my team like we are FAMILY and not just a number in the back office! IGENIUS TODAY IS BITCOIN IN 2009 ! HODL! MY FAMILY,AND I ARE IN IT FOR THE LONG RUN!BEST $1499 INVESTMENT ON THE PLANET!

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