Review by Sandi Hilbert on Kimberle London

I only joined IM last month and all the leaders are motivated, kind, patient with educating but most of all so passionate about what they do. Kim is up at all hours reading and analysing the markets in order to facilitate better understanding for her teams and greater profits for those listening to her advice.
Her enthusiasm is contagious but selfishly what is the most attractive is her wisdom brings profitable financial knowledge. As a newbie I am eager to learn and it stands to reason that you would want to be educated and inspired by the best in the industry and Kim is highly proficient in her knowledge and understanding of reading the Charts. She effectively uses the tools supplied by IM and our educators and consistently reapplies those strategies to bring results which enables us to grow in confidence and knowledge.
But I think what attracts us all to Kim the most is her enthusiasm and joy in what she does.
It's obvious that she has benefitted from IM and she is naturally enthusiastic for others to do so too.???

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