Review by Sandra Collins on Decentra

While we look into crypto theft and frauds in general, why don’t we look into cybersecurity measures ahead of / against any form of cyber attacks , phishing, doxxing ..the usual cliché is a lot of people will promise you on how to recover your lost coins or binary investment , which often times , it seems almost impossible, even though some are possible to recover . Why don’t we take two steps ahead of the curve and be smart. The term ‘prevention is better than cure’ is practically applied here by the defense team . In essence, protect your crypto / digital assets before any unfortunate and unforeseen crypto loss. If you intend to hold long term valuable assets, why not take a leap of protective measures with coinwalletsec101 on telegram. A group of crypto tax legal advisors, digital asset manager and cybersecurity defense engineers, we educate users on
* quantum cryptography analysis on digital portfolio
* crypto tax
* End-to-end encryption
* Secure authentication method
* Data breach alarm 🚨
* Biometric authentication
* Anti -hacks installation

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