Review by Santana Erskine on iGenius

Every morning I wake thanking God for making me open tiktok that morning because it truly changed my life. In a month I’ve been able to pay off all credit card debt, pay 5months of my mortgage in advance, while building a savings for my family that would have taken about a year to do! But that’s not the only thing this company has done for me, like yes money is great, but having a family means so much more to me! Literally in a month of being in the company I have been blessed with so many people who generally care about me and are concerned about me, outside of my family and select friends this doesn’t happen often! These are people who want to see you succeed, who push you to become the greatest version of yourself you can be! This company is great for an extra income but it's greater for being apart of a place to call home!

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