Review by Sarah Johnson on Ashton Bonds

Anonymous. The isn’t the place to be nasty. In fact it’s impossible to help you properly when there’s no name to follow up with. Ashton is part of my team and a great partner. We both care deeply about our customers. To your comment about her prior weight loss and journey. She’s been very transparent of her long journey in and out of our company. One video may cause a person to make assumptions but if you follow her account and live videos she discusses the years struggle n in weight. Much like myself. It took me a decade of multiple tools to lose my weight. I never attribute it to just one thing. I beg you to take a step back and give grace. If you knew the hate the social media gives us, you may wish to contribute less to it. I hope you’ll give her another chance.
I’d be happy to say hello and work this out. Find me at

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