Review by Sarah Johnson on Ashton Bonds

in response to a very nasty anonymous review. Anonymous is a red flag … I know Ashton personally and professionally. I’ve worked with her on collaborative training’s to help the field and I watched as she walked up front to collect a servant leadership award directly from the CEO with tears of gratitude in her eyes. I’ve only ever seen this woman give of herself to the point I’ve had to tell her that she needs boundaries. Perhaps “anonymous” you met her when she created boundaries against people like yourself who no doubt came at her in an unprofessional manner. We as leaders do our utmost to please so many. Some of us have 12,000 plus in our organizations. Give grace. Be kind. And for the love of God, use your energy to lift others and not tear down. Did it make you feel better doing that? I’d invite you to instead have expressed how you felt directly to Ashton. She would have moved mountains to make it right. You didn’t give her that.
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