Review by Sarah Wilson on QSciences

I live in Canada, and I can speak to an event that was held there earlier this year (2023) that I was invited to. One of the owners was speaking, and he took the time during his presentation to bash former ambassadors. It was childish behaviour, and not the type of culture that I would want to be part of.

There was also some questionable things happening with their hemp products in Canada. Teams were being told that the shipping issues would be fixed, but then Q Sciences suddenly pulled the hemp products out of Canada after they were being held at customs. With recent THC allegations and false product labeling accusations, it is all starting to make sense. Someone told me recently that Q Sciences suddenly pulled ALL of their hemp products off their website. I don't know if the USA website is the same or not, so I can't confirm if hemp is gone from their product line or not. Their owners talked about how hemp was the future, and it brought in a ton of revenue, so strange that they would VOLUNTARILY exit that space.

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