Review by Sayali Mhamunkar on Naina Bhati

I feel so proud to be part of the company and that really blessed to be under Ms. Naina's Leadership. Talking about her, she is a profound leader, such an energetic individual I've ever seen, always ready to help when one needs her. She never left any of her team members without inculcating the best business values. She always made it sure that she gives a vivid and broad range of knowledge to her teammates. She always mentored great business ethics and ensured to rise everyone's morales while on the team meets and also in person. Her training sessions are so up to the mark, that the one who attended won't lack in that part of the lesson. That amazing personality of her, she is such an evergreen person. What a beautiful person you are Naina..! Last but not the least, would really Thank you for all your Mentorship Naina, you are such a great example being a rising 'LADY' star. I would always think to be one like you.

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