Review by Scam! Avoid at all costs!!! on Driven Trading

Joining this company you will ultimately lose money as everything Kromray says and does are complete lies. He now has to go as far as pointing his finger at his TD demo account to show you how well he did using play funds to try to get you to join this MLM. Do not become a victim!!

He has a system with some car dealer in Vegas where he rents cars out (His buddy is the owner) and pretends to live a lavish lifestyle but in reality those cars disappear when the people stop joining this scam MLM.

They don’t have a license nor are professional just some clowns that are trying to get you to join their educational platform and pay upwards of $1997?

Do a search on Wisconsin circuit court and you’ll find there was a lawsuit from his other failed company “Market Kings LLC” and he owes upwards of $70,000 on taxes from the interest and penalties!!! My god!! Does he not realize that eventually they levy on property when you don’t pay them??? I wouldn’t want to live such a phony life it’s ridiculous!!!!

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