Review by Scammers Company and Leaders on First Scrap (Fake Management)

When they promoted First Scrap the leaders and the costumer support always keep in touch with all the members, few months later they withdrawal was failed and they said financial data base was lost and they need to retrieve it with the help of third party,then 2 weeks later it was back and now asking all investors to pay a third party fee according to their investment plan, account was locked 🔒 asking all countries to reach the 60% benchmark, although some members re-activated the accounts but nothing changed. It was just like a trap for everyone. April 15 gate was open for withdraw but not all made it, because of the 60%, they even posted video to proved the withdrawal from Venezuela.We have a team members from other open country who withdraw the ROI but never received the fund on his wallet, even it was approved so this is a big lie, Karma will go back to those who deceived people and taking their hard earned money 💵. You will be punished on your wrong doing. Life is short you might not enjoy those money you scammed from your investors.

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