Review by Shari Short on Truvy

I can't not express adequately how excited I am to be Truvy now! I've been with TruVision Health since October 2014. I lost 50 lbs with the products, my husband lost 72 lbs and other friends and family members have lost incredible amounts of weight with great health benefits. Truvy has been life changing for me, not only have I gotten healther, I've promoted the products and have completely replaced our household income. The residual income saved us from certain bankruptsy when my husband had a forced early retirement. I love helping people change their health and wealth!! This company did EXACTLY what it set out to do. Create safe, effective and affordable products!! The incredible growth I've witnessed over the past 5.5 years didn't just happen with the company, it was within me also! I'm not the same stay at home mom I was when I found these incredible products and company! I am eternally thankful for TRUVY!!!!

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