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GS Partners has failed to get the proper securities license in the jurisdictions it operates in. They argue that they don't need a license since they operate in the unregulated crypto industry. In November 2024 there were at least 10 Cease and Desist Orders issued from various US states against it. It shut down its U.S distributors, US registered accounts and they renamed their company and moved their computer servers to try and stave off being shut down. The U.S. represents 60% of its business. It then put a maximum cap on withdrawal amounts and 48 hour time limit to process withdrawals claiming requests needed anti-money laundering/terrorist financing checks. Withdrawals started taking anywhere from 3 to 5 days. The excuse was made that because of the volume of withdrawal requests it was taking longer. That was a lie along with many misrepresentations that GS Partners continued as they came up with new promotions to get other non-US clients to give them even more money. They clearly have their eyes set on bigger unregulated markets such as South East Asia, other Asian economies and Africa. The glowing reviews here on this website prove this

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