Review by Sharon DeMyer Nemser on SeneGence

Was using the product for awhile until I became a distributor. Retired I was looking for something to fill the voids of human contact, making people happy, motivating others. SeneGence has done that and so much more. Joni is not just our CEO and founder, she is our friend, mentor, co-worker. The products are phenomenal, truly phenomenal. Joni is always working to bring us better and more product. Offering incentives to the client and distributor both. She is a smart, funny, engaging human. She is beautiful inside and out. The company has a mission and we live it. The company empowers women. Many women do it for fun, many do it for needed income, many do it for the product, many do it for self confidence.
I do it like many, many, many others for my own reason and it fulfills that every single day.

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