Review by Sharon Duffy on Ts-Life

Just love ts life. I fell in love with the weightloss products and then ended up that I joined, completely new to Nwm but so much support and guidance from the whole team. I quickly made lots of sales and found a new passion which suited me so well as with a new baby at home, iv no plans to go back to the 9-5 anytime soon. I love the freedom of it and knowing if I need to make X amount for something that I can make that amount. The peace of mind it gives me is brilliant. Then The CEOs just are the best , wanting everyone to win, no matter what level your at. It's the only place to be. Products are amazing, skincare is unbelievable, team spirit is outstanding and the culture is unknown. When the CEO is running with you on the ground, I mean where do ye get that. In other companies people only know there CEO from google. I love how down to earch caius and jade are.

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