Review by Sharon Gaspard (Visioness) on Nikki Sutherland

πŸ‘‘ Thank you Nikki ❀
Oh my goodness what an incredible woman she is. I get excited being in the same room as her. I have witnessed Nikki receiving her Chairman 10 award in West Palm Beach, Florida's Convention…wow this was a massive celebration for me seeing Nikki's special moments come to life as our teams were watching this here in the UK was believable. We celebrated Nikki all the way. Furthermore, Nikki has impacted my life and I'm happy and grateful to be under her leadership in this very seasonal time. The Wealthier World Family is an amazing vision and I'm enjoying the IM Academy offering me so much value whilst simultaneously becoming an independent business owner. My greatest respect I have about Nikki is that she loves and cares about her family and her team members. I am encouraged to never giving up on my dreams. I'm in the process of recreating my (visioness) dream board. Thank you Nikki for being there for me and congratulations again for all your successful achievements so far and continuingly loading into your greatness future. Leetttts Gooo πŸ’―πŸ’–

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