Review by Sheldon Salazar on Amway

Here are a few things to bear in mind when choosing an MLM company:(1)The quality of the products and that you believe in the products you are using and selling (2) A company that has stability(3) The support from your upline mentorship (4)The compensation plan (5) High quality customer service support .Very few companies offer all of those 5 criteria.One company that I know of appeared(on the outside) to be the greatest thing since slice bread but there have been complaints of the product not working and lo and behold the same thing happened to me.I would not want to have a downline with so many dissatisfied IBO’S or Customers.That being said,of all the MLM companies out there,you cannot go wrong with Amway.It offers those 5 main ingredients and so much more.Contact me if you would like to see your life change in 18 months.

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