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Review by Shon Y. on Melaleuca

Just a little over a year ago I started using just the Vitality multi-vitamin, as well as the Ecosense cleaning products line. Within a week, I noticed a change in my energy level, and when I would first wake up in the a.m., I had no brain fog, and immediately knew what day it was, no matter how long I'd worked the day before. I started Peak Performance the next month, and my recent annual exam revealed results that I didn't even expect! BP down from 142/80 to 114/52 (the level of a teenager and I'm far from being a teen). Heart rate 86 (should be 60 to 100) and O2 level 99 (should be 94 or higher). All I can say is ahhhmazing! All things Melaleuca in my home!

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