Review by SK NURUDDIN on Vestige Marketing

Hello friends…. I am very lucky I work as a career in Vestige. This is Best direct selling company in india.i feel this is the best platform in life changing.this company produce more crorepathy in india.In the history of direct selling industry vestige is the fastest growing company. Vestige is only indian company who change thousands of people live their life in their own terms …….This is the first Indian direct selling company that is making its presence known internationally. Vestige provides all kind of training that distributor needs and this plays a vital role in the growth of Vestige distributors.I am happy to see an Indian brand making such a bigger impact in the direct selling industry & growing its presence Globally as well now. This company now listed in the world rank of 38th rank, Finally I love Vestige & md sahab & management & profile, products & marketing plan & all leadership & team. Thank you

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