Review by Sofia Lunhu on iGenius

IGenius gives you an opportunity to live your life to the fullest and on your own terms!

Wanna have more free time? Wanna get rid of 9-5 slavery? Wanna start investing and trading but don’t know where to start?

I came as a complete beginner and 2 weeks in I’m already trading and already seeing profits. Like whaaat?!

Whether you are looking to create residual, passive or active online income. Or all of them?? You are in the right place.

Not only you get access to world class educators and experts in the financial industry but also the support from people who are going or already went through exactly what you are going through. No question goes unanswered. No problem goes unresolved.

I’m forever grateful to have been introduced to this organization. And to be part of community of like minded, success oriented people who all grow and evolve together ?

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