Review by Starr Bauman on Isagenix

The other reviews are well written and written by obvious researchers. Let me give a perspective of one who is not anyone special. I love Isagenix because it works, plain and simple. Further, with the transparency of the company, from posting research results, inviting independent study and openly sharing results, to the headquarters itself, it is easy to trust their NO COMPROMISE GUARANTEE. I was involved in other things and had the mindset I had to work myself to death at the gym in order to achieve impressive results. And, yes, killing myself at the gym, walking 10 miles a day, and basically having no life, does work; there just isn’t any fun or life outside of the gym. I would work, go to the gym, eat and sleep. Isagenix and their team of doctors, scientists and nutritionists showed it IS possible to achieve great change, with amazing nutrition. Folks, it works. First month: 22lbs gone and 15in lost over my body! THAT IS AMAZING! It is not a diet, it IS a lifestyle. And, you can contact me for questions: I have not seen or found anything better- and, believe me, I tried. Niki B., S. Jordan, UT

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